Tips for Laying Out Your Cannabis Cultivation Warehouse

Suggestions for designing an efficient cannabis cultivation warehouse.

When laying out a cannabis cultivation facility, maximizing your resources is essential to your facility’s efficiency and success. While this seems obvious and straightforward, this actually requires more planning and careful decision making than you might think. Here are some things you should consider when designing an efficient cannabis cultivation warehouse.

Optimize for Labor Efficiency

While you have likely discussed laying out your facility in a way that optimizes energy and water efficiency, you may not have considered how your design will affect labor efficiency. However, it’s important that your layout supports logical and productive workflow. If your workers have to walk across the entire facility to get from the trimming room to the drying room, you will be wasting time and money with this inefficient design.

Create Separate, Well-Sealed Rooms

When you have the opportunity, it’s best to create individual cultivation rooms so you have the ability to isolate a potential issue if one arises. For instance, if you keep all your plants in one big room, a parasite or fungus could compromise your entire crop. When designing your facility, make sure you design various cultivation rooms that can be tightly sealed if necessary.

Invest in Clean-Room Technology

In future years, state regulations will become stricter in regards to lab testing and verifying the quality of your product. Get ahead of this trend by investing in clean room technologies and protocols that limit exposure to valuable crops. For instance, look into disposable gowns, booties, and point-of-entry technology such as air curtains. Installing viewing windows throughout your facility is another way to ensure you are monitoring operations without risking contamination.

These are some things you should consider when designing an efficient cannabis cultivation warehouse. Do you have additional questions regarding your industrial or commercial real estate needs? If so, contact the experts at California Commercial Realty Advisors, Inc. for the assistance that you need today.

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