Selling or leasing a contaminated property is more complicated than a traditional real estate transaction. Turn to the experienced team at CCRA to handle the sale of your contaminated property.

In recent years, the valuation, sale, and leasing of contaminated properties has become an area of considerable interest.  Many concerns affect the marketing and potential value of these properties.  Usually, contamination will affect the value of your property in two major ways.  First, the value of the property may be affected by remediation and containment costs.  Second, the property may be negatively affected due to the stigma surrounding the location.

In addition to these valuation concerns, sellers often have a variety of questions when it comes to selling or leasing their contaminated properties.  For instance, can a property be sold without a ‘No Further Action Letter’?  Will there be an impact on value if you sell a property before clean-up finishes?  What public agency oversees contaminated properties?  Is an environmental attorney needed?  Fortunately, the experts at CCRA have experience negotiating problematic contaminated property sales and leasing transactions and can address all the questions you have regarding your contaminated property.  Read on to learn more about what CCRA’s contaminated property services can do for you.


Over the years, CCRA has evaluated and negotiated the sale or lease of properties experiencing air, groundwater, and soil contamination.  With our in-depth understanding of the market, environmental laws, regulations, and remediation techniques; you can rest assured knowing that your property sale will proceed smoothly and lawfully.  We have experience and documented success with selling a variety of contaminated properties including the following:

  • Gas station sites under remediation
  • Dirty shopping centers with dry cleaner contamination
  • Vacant refinery sites
  • Superfund land parcels
  • Plating facilities

Why Our Clients Trust Us

As previously mentioned, the sale or leasing of a contaminated property is notoriously complicated.  Between environmental laws and regulations, finding a qualified buyer, and negotiating the terms of the transaction, the process is virtually impossible to handle on your own.  Fortunately, with CCRA’s experts and depth of experience on your side, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is in good hands.

Interested in learning more about our contaminated property services?  If so, contact us.  We at CCRA are always ready to assist you with your commercial or industrial real estate needs.