Growing Food Delivery Industry Threatens Restaurants

How the rise of the food delivery market is affecting the restaurant sector. Restaurants have become an anchor for the retail sector amidst the so-called retail apocalypse caused by the rise of the e-commerce industry.  However, restaurants are now facing their own kryptonite—food delivery services.  Here’s how the rise of the food delivery market is affecting the restaurant sector. With

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L.A. Cannabis Market Dealing with More Licensing Delays

Government-mandated audit of city’s cannabis regulators leads to licensing delays for marijuana businesses. For prospective cannabis businesses in Los Angeles, the government-ordered audit means another wave of uncertainty and lost money.  Unfortunately, this newest setback is just another obstacle causing licensing delays for marijuana businesses. Already, hundreds of entrepreneurs have waited months to learn whether they will be allowed to

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Will Orange County See the Expansion of Cannabis Dispensaries?

Learn about the spread of marijuana dispensaries through Orange County. Orange County is a traditionally conservative outpost in Southern California.  This is why it’s unsurprising that only one city (Santa Ana) out of the 34 that make up Orange County permits cannabis retail.  The city of Santa Ana only issues 30 licenses, meaning that, at most, there are only 30

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Cannabis and California Taxes

How the legalization of marijuana will affect California’s tax revenue. While you might assume that the legalization of marijuana would have clear tax benefits for the state of California, the reality is a little more complicated.  Because legal cannabis markets take time to establish, the tax revenue generated so far has not been particularly impressive.  But this doesn’t mean that

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Timeline Marking the Contentious History of the Bolsa Chica Wetlands

The ongoing battle between environmentalists and developers regarding the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. The Bolsa Chica Wetlands near Huntington Beach has long been prized by historians and environmentalists. As the site of an important ecological reserve and with 95% of the state’s coastal wetlands already destroyed, preservationists have fought to save the Wetlands for years and years. However, with coastal properties

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New California Bill Forcing Cities to Allow the Sale of Marijuana

Learn about the new state legislation that could force some California cities to accept cannabis retailers. When the state of California legalized marijuana, it was with the promise that local governments would be allowed to control the local licensing and approval of dispensaries within their cities.  However, Assembly Bill 1356 could revoke that promise.  Your California commercial realty advisors report

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Avoiding Cannabis Litigation in Uncertain Times

Are there legal tensions brewing at your cannabis business? The cannabis industry seems to be in constant flux, and this uncertain regulatory environment can breed disputes that can simmer over into expensive litigation.  However, it can be difficult to determine if you have legal tensions brewing at your cannabis business.  Here are some questions you should ask yourself to identify

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Does CBD Use Show Up in Drug Tests?

What to know about CBD and drug testing. Many companies require their employees to complete a drug test before getting hired, or as a requirement to keep their positions.  If you are scheduled for a drug test, then you might be worried that your use of CBD products will get you in trouble.  However, before you panic, here’s what you

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What You Should Know About Marijuana Deliveries in California

Understanding cannabis delivery regulations in California. Interestingly, the state of California has legalized cannabis delivery throughout the state, even in municipalities that have chosen to ban cannabis-related businesses.  This means that California is the first state to completely legalize marijuana home delivery.  However, it is still important to know the laws that pertain to your delivery company.  Here’s what you

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