More Progress on the L.A. Rams’ Stadium

Major milestones met in the construction of the L.A. Rams’ Inglewood stadium.

With the project on track for completion by 2020, the future home of the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers recently hit a major construction milestone. This summer, builders put the stadium’s highest steel beam into place. This move marked the project as 40% complete, with concrete columns and support infrastructure now being installed.

Once construction is complete, the 298-acre property will boast the largest and most expensive football stadium ever built. With the initial cost set at $2.6 billion, the project is now hovering close to the $3 billion mark. In addition to the stadium, the property will also hold a vast community that is scheduled to open in phases starting in 2020.

Upon its completion, the stadium can expect major national attention, not only for its size and cost but also as the host of the Super Bowl in 2022 and the championship game of the College Football Playoffs in 2023. The stadium is also expected to play a role in the 2026 World Cup and the 2028 Summer Olympics.

With Los Angeles known for its love of sports and its considerable resources, the magnitude of the Inglewood stadium comes with little surprise. According to Ram’s coach Sean McVay, “this kind of feels like what you’d expect.”

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