Learn About West Hollywood’s New Cannabis Lounge

How Lowell Farms: Cannabis Café is changing how Angelinos think about marijuana consumption.

At Lowell Farms: Cannabis Café, patrons puff on joints and eat edibles as they snack on gourmet food.  This combination restaurant and cannabis lounge is the first in Los Angeles, located in West Hollywood, which is the only part of the city that allows for on-site marijuana consumption.  Lowell Farms is following the trend established in the Bay Area, where cannabis consumption lounges offer visitors a safe place to eat edibles, smoke, or vape.

But why is Lowell Farms so groundbreaking?  Well, for more than 50 years, cannabis has been regulated in the state of California.  Furthermore, consumption has been limited to private homes, medical cooperatives, or illegal venues.  So, the idea of a public venue that allows people to consume marijuana freely is a turning point in cannabis’ legal journey.

Following Lowell Farms’ footsteps, the city of West Hollywood has recently approved the application for a competitor consumption lounge, Budberry.  With Budberry expected to open sometime next year, and with another consumption lounger slated for approval in the coming weeks, it seems that West Hollywood will become a hot spot for cannabis users throughout Los Angeles.

This is what you need to know about Lowell Farms: Cannabis Café and how it is transforming perceptions of marijuana in the city of Los Angeles.  Want to stay in the loop with California’s latest cannabis news?  If so, then contact the experts at California Commercial Realty Advisors, Inc. today.

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