Updated Progress on Huntington Beach’s Desalinization Plant

Here is an update on the proposed Poseidon Water desalinization plant in Huntington Beach.

Despite being proposed in 1998, the Huntington Beach location of Poseidon Water’s desalinization operations remains stalled.  While its sister location in Carlsbad has been operational for the last four years, plans for the desalinization plant in Huntington Beach are still being reviewed.  Poseidon Water’s $1 billion proposal is currently being looked at by the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board.  The Board is expected to make a tentative decision on the plant by late November or early December.

Recently, UCLA completed a study that found that the Huntington Beach plant would make water less affordable for low-income households with considerable rate increases.  Another study conducted by the Municipal Water District of Orange County found that the plant would be the most expensive water supply option in Orange County, as well as the most financially risky.

In addition to cost concerns, many are worried about the environmental impact the plant would have.  Already, the Huntington Beach plant has been subject to strict regulations.  For instance, the project has already faced delays over concern that the plant would cause damage to sea life.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board will weigh financial and environmental concerns as they decide whether to issue Poseidon Water permits to move forward on their plans for the plant.

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