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Important Features for Southern California Industrial Buildings

10 Important Features for an Efficient Warehouse Building A well-designed warehouse is the backbone of a smooth-running logistics operation. Whether you’re a Southern California property owner or a Long Beach logistics professional keen on maximizing efficiency, the features of your warehouse building can fundamentally affect your bottom line. Efficiency and productivity in warehousing all start with design – strategic design

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Reviving Obsolete Industrial Buildings in Southern California

Southern California is a high-demand market for industrial properties, but the steep rise in the cost of industrial real estate has made it more difficult for buyers to enter this market. The situation is further exacerbated by a lack of available land for new construction. This has led many businesses to seek alternatives, such as functionally obsolete industrial buildings, which

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Will more cannabis come to Orange County?

Orange County (CA that is) has historically been known as ‘the conservative suburb south of Los Angeles’, evoking images of sprawling housing tracks, miles of beaches…and lately, amazing snow capped mountain views from Newport Beach!  A closer look into Orange County demographics will reveal a far more diverse population than most people across the country realize.  And that’s starting to

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