New Generation of Office Tenants Want Flexible Office Environments

Learn how commercial offices are evolving to fit the changing needs of employees.

In contrast to the segregated cubicles, uniform desks, and bulky desktop computers of years past, current employees want more out of their office environments. Now, office workers are favoring offices that introduce natural light, interaction, and spaces for collaboration. In short, they desire office spaces that allow for more flexibility and creativity. As a result of these changing needs, commercial offices are evolving to offer their workers more freedom in their quest for productivity.

Advanced Amenities

One significant change can be seen in the integration of new employee amenities in office buildings nationwide. For instance, the Wells Fargo Center in Los Angeles is undergoing a $60 million renovation to offer their employees amenities such as an outdoor courtyard, lounge, gym, concierge service, restaurants, and shops. Additionally, the renovation will allow workers to access WiFi throughout the property, giving them more freedom in where they work.

Personalized Spaces

In addition to new employee amenities, companies are also working to offer their staff more personalized spaces within the office environment. As a 2017 survey conducted by Mental Health America reports, two-thirds of respondents are stressed out by work, meaning that companies are now looking to offer their workers a more soothing working environment. Rather than cold and clinical office spaces, companies are looking to create spaces that prioritize comfort and serenity.

Worth the Investment?

Of course, making these changes to your workplace will require a considerable amount of time and money. However, experts argue that this investment is worth it. For starters, creating more flexible and inviting office environments is a great way to attract new and younger applicants.   Additionally, making these office updates will show your current staff that you are concerned for their wellbeing, which will instill feelings of company loyalty. Finally, making these improvements will boost office morale, leading to increased productivity.

This is how commercial offices are evolving to fit the changing needs of employees. Are you looking to find the perfect space to inspire your employees? If so, turn to the commercial real estate experts at California Commercial Realty Advisors, Inc. Contact us for assistance with all your industrial and commercial real estate needs today.

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