New California Bill Forcing Cities to Allow the Sale of Marijuana

Learn about the new state legislation that could force some California cities to accept cannabis retailers.

When the state of California legalized marijuana, it was with the promise that local governments would be allowed to control the local licensing and approval of dispensaries within their cities.  However, Assembly Bill 1356 could revoke that promise.  Your California commercial realty advisors report on this controversial new bill.

Assembly Bill 1356, introduced by Assemblyman Phil Ting would force cities where a majority of voters approved Proposition 64 to allow one cannabis retailer for every four establishments with a liquor license or one for every 10,000 residents.  This bill would create 2,200 licensed dispensaries throughout the state.  It would also increase tensions with local governments who were already dissatisfied with the new marijuana delivery rules that have already circumvented their authority.

According to Charles Harvey, Legislative Representative of the League of California Cities, the bill would “completely erode the local control of cities and counties to regulate brick-and-mortar retail cannabis shops.”

Supporters of the bill are hoping that the new legislation will help eliminate the state’s illegal marijuana trade.  The availability of marijuana on the black market has had a negative impact on cannabis tax revenue, which is affecting the state budget.  Proponents also point out that the bill exempts cities where voters have explicitly rejected marijuana dispensaries.  City councils have the option to let voters decide if they will be bound by the law.

This is what you need to know about Assembly Bill 1356.  Are you looking for assistance with all your commercial or industrial real estate needs?  If so, then contact the experts at California Commercial Realty Advisors, Inc.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you today.

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