Learn More About the 405’s Construction Project Through the OC

Learn about the new project on the I-405 through Orange County.

Recently, OCTA’s Board of Directors announced a major redesign and build of the 405 freeway through Orange County. Officially named the “I-405 Improvement Project,” this plan is meant to provide shorter commute times for over 370,000 Southern Californians. Read on to learn more about this new project.

This project will be undertaken by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) in partnership with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Recently, these entities have announced that OC 405 Partners will oversee the design and construction of the project.

The primary goal of the I-405 Improvement Project is a 16-mile widening of the freeway. Other project highlights, as stated by OC 405 Partners, include the following:

  • Addition of a general-purpose lane in each direction of I-405 from Euclid St. to the I-405/I-605 Interchange.
  • Addition of a tolled express lane in each direction from SR-73 to SR-22.
  • Addition of auxiliary lanes in the northbound direction at Euclid St. off-ramp; and from the Seal Beach Blvd. on-ramp to the westbound SR-22/7th Street off-ramp.
  • Extension of existing SB auxiliary lane from Harbor Blvd. off-ramp to Euclid St. on-ramp.
  • Removal of SB auxiliary lane from Beach Blvd. to Magnolia St. off-ramp.
  • Reconfiguration of interchanges and ramps comprised of 23 new or replacement crossroad/ramp bridges, one pedestrian bridge, and seven bridge widenings on I-405.
  • Creation of new, modified, or replaced structures, including two overhead railroad crossings.
  • Creation of new and upgraded drainage facilities.
  • Construction of pavement and revised delineation.
  • Tolling infrastructure.
  • Coordination with utility owners for the relocation of public utilities.

For more information regarding the I-405 Improvement Project, head to OC 405 Partner’s website here, or OCTA’s website here.

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