Learn More About Huntington Beach’s Desalinization Plant

Recent news on the controversial Huntington Beach Desalinization Plant.

Back in 2013, Poseidon Water made a deal with Orange County and obtained the necessary permits to build the Huntington Beach Desalinization Plant.  With a 50 million gallons per day capacity, the plant would help cover about 8% of Orange County’s total water demand and provide approximately 300,000 residents with fresh water.

The Plant was proposed as a means of creating an alternative water source for the county.  Currently, Orange County relies on water from local groundwater basins, the Sacramento Delta, and the Colorado River.  However, as the water level of these sources continues to drop, Orange County needed another source of fresh drinking water for its residents.

However, residents of Huntington Beach and environmentalists have strongly opposed the Plant since its proposal.  Recently, three environmental groups filed a suit against the Plant stating that the Plant needed to redo its 2010 Environmental Impact Report to account for recent changes in the proposal.  In 2017, the State Land Commission decided that Poseidon only needed to complete a report covering the recent changes rather than completely redoing the entire report.  Judge Richard Sueyoshi ruled in agreement with the Commission’s decision.

The $1 billion project will be located next to the AES power plant on Pacific Coast Highway.  Poseidon is awaiting approval from the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board and the California Coastal Commission.

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