How Data Availability is Changing the Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn about the benefits of data spread in the commercial real estate sector.

While the commercial real estate market has been slow to adopt new technology, there has recently been a push for new platforms that streamline and simplify the duties of commercial real estate brokers.  But how is new tech affecting the commercial real estate market?  Here’s what you need to know about new real estate tech and the benefits of data spread in the commercial real estate sector.

  • Broadening Scopes

In the past, commercial real estate brokers operated at a hyper-local level.  They would become experts in a particular market or neighborhood and create a network of contacts within this location to feed their business.  However, with new technologies that allow the flow of commercial real estate data, brokers can expand their network to a much wider degree.  For instance, there are new technologies that create a vetted and approved database of buyers.  So, instead of limiting themselves to the local buyers they meet through contacts, real estate brokers can work with sellers on a more global level.

  • Improving Sales Tactics

The new technologies seen in the commercial real estate market are highly focused on generating and archiving relevant data.  For instance, many new digital platforms are focused on collecting data about properties, comparables, and even buyers and sellers.  This information allows brokers to locate potential clients and create more targeted plans to appeal to different demographics of buyers.  When brokers are better informed, they can work more efficiently and effectively.

  • Expediting Transactions

In the real estate world, transactions move slowly.  They have to be registered with the local government, which then has to process and file documents to make the sale official.  However, technology could speed up this process and make transactional data available in real-time.  When buyers, seller, and brokers alike can check-in and see the process of the transaction, they feel more involved and at ease with the deal.  This access improves the process for all involved parties.

This is what you need to know about new technology and the benefits of data spread in the commercial real estate sector.  Are you looking for assistance with all your commercial or industrial real estate needs?  If so, then contact the experts at California Commercial Realty Advisors, Inc.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you today.


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