A Look into Long Beach’s New $200 Million Shopping Center

Despite the retailer sector suffering, Long Beach unveils brand-new shopping center.

As e-commerce grows in popularity, more and more consumers prefer to do their shopping at home.  As a result, physical retailers have to get creative when attracting shoppers.  At Long Beach’s brand-new shopping center on 2nd and PCH, the developer, CenterCal Properties, looked to attract visitors by filling the outdoor mall with plenty of communal areas.  This way, the mall not only serves as a retail destination but also as a gathering place for friends and family.

The retail center is also looking to appeal to shoppers by offering a diverse mix of stores and eateries.  Among their 50 tenants is a massive 55,000 square-foot Whole Foods Market, a Nike store, a Shake Shack, an Anthropologie, and a Peloton store.

While the current state of the retail sector seems to advise against the opening of brick-and-mortar retail locations, Jean Paul Wardy, President of CenterCal Properties, points out, “We’re going to continue to see online sales grow but we’re also going to see customers wanting to spend time in great places and experience great experiences.  Both of those things co-exist with each other.”

Additionally, Long Beach Deputy Director of Economic Development, Sergio Ramirez explains that Long Beach’s new mall is a smart addition to the community, “This is a great example, you know how people are saying that brick-and-mortar retail is dead. This is an example of why that is not true.  I think it’s a good retail development and retail that has a heavy emphasis on experience, food and provides a living room for the community.”

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